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Is this to be their new home?

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24th October - (Day 6)

Work is progressing. A further 2 large sheets of ply board were observed being laid on the sett. These were then covered with top toil. It was noted that fresh dry top soil had been brought in for this purpose.

3 entrances to the sett were observed under the boards, each raised on a concrete block and facing towards the children’s play area. It was also noted that some straw/hay was seen at each entrance.

. . . . . . .

The trench for the 2 foot fencing has now been excavated across the main path and along the side of the sett to the outer fencing boardering on to the football pitch side of the site. It still has not had the membrane liner put in but as you will see from the following photograph the water levels are still rising.

25th October - (Day 7)

Not a great deal to report today. Some planting has taken place by the fence to create a hedgerow, filling in the gap on the children’s play area side. A quantity of large logs has been delivered and we await to see how they are to be used. It was noted that water levels are still very high in the trenches.

26th October (Day 8)

1.30 pm today and there does not appear to have been any activity. Plants are still in there pots and no sign of the workmen.

27th October - (Day 9)

Nothing to report today. It has been a very wet day and to my knowledge, no sign of the workmen having been on site. It was noted that water levels are NOT receding.

Week-end of the 28th/29th October.

The week-end has been one of heavy rain and gales No work has been undertaken and the whole area is now almost totally under water. The following photographs were taken on Monday 30th October.


Friday 3rd November.

After a week of heavy rain and gales all over the Country, Gosport faired better than most but we still had the very heavy rain which has flooded all the chambers below ground level in the proposed badger sett. No work has been carried out this week other than the removal of some of the debris which is always a problem on our allotment site. Some further planting has been undertaken at the entrances to the sett.

Proposed Badger sett under water.    

   Some of the debris removed from site.


Entrance to the sett with some planting.  Chambers below are flooded. (4th November)

Week ending Saturday 11th November.

No further work has been undertaken.

13th November,



Extract as follows: -

The licensing period expires at the end of November and there is a 'closed' season on works being carried out which disturb badger setts until July.

For one development at Priddy's Hard near Gosport time has run out for the relocation of a sett that is holding up a major house building project.

The sett in question is located in a part of a disused railway cutting which is needed for road access. Talks have been taking place between the developers, the Ministry of Defence and the local badger group. The Ministry of Defence has an alternative site for the badgers, but the badger group and English Nature believe that the badgers will not reach this site by themselves as many obstacles, such as roads and fencing stand in their way. This site may also be outside their territory.

English Nature spokeswoman Jo Ramsay says "In the case of Priddy's Hard the requirements of the badgers were not fully considered at the outset which has resulted in the development scheme being delayed, the MOD site is too far away and the legislation does not allow us to issue a licence to capture and move them".

For a full copy of the release, please click here.

15th November.

There has been widespread coverage today in the local papers, The News and Daily Echo. Also reports on Radio Solent and Meridian Television.

16th/17th November.

Work has resumed. A pump has been brought in to drain some of the water from the site out to a storm drain in the playing fields.


The workmen are laying wood chippings to the top surface of the sett.


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