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Elson Allotments


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Elson Allotment is situated at Gosport in Hampshire and has various facilities to offer including a well-run shop providing all the essential needs for the keen allotment gardener. Compost, fertilisers, insecticides etc., and a full range of accessories. Seeds, bulbs, onion sets, potatoes etc., can be ordered at the beginning of each season. We are members of the Gosport Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association which means goods can be purchased in bulk and the savings passed on to the members. Membership from 2009 is just £5.00 per year plus £1.00 for each additional family member. You do not have to have an allotment to become a member. There is a large on-site car park at the Amberley Road entrance. Water is laid on at 4 positions on the main centre pathway making it reasonable access for all. Plots are available in either 5 or 10 rods.

This is a small friendly site with approximately 40 plots and even boasts a Wild-Life area which is being created from what was a very derelict area, by our site warden Mrs Pat Clipstone. Pat aims to make this a peaceful area to sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings and has already made great headway. She has been rewarded for her efforts by achieving 3rd place in the 1999 Gosport in Bloom competition. Other Sites are available in Gosport and further information for other areas can be obtained from any Local Government Offices. Please click here http://www.gosportallotments.btck.co.uk/ for a list of Gosport Sites and regarding Elson and local site issues. This is updated regularly.

June 2008

It is now 18 years since I first came to the Elson Allotment Site and in that time the site has changed considerably from being a run-down half empty site to a full and thriving allotment. At the time of writing Elson has a waiting list of more than 30.


The plot holders have changed in-as-much as we now have a mixture of all age groups; many more with young families and single women working the plots. For various reasons allotments across the country have become a very popular leisure activity with gardeners growing a whole range of fruit, vegetables and flowers.


Steve, our store man is still with us and as you will see from below there are many more equally well tended plots.

Long may it continue.



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Photos taken in June 2008.

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MARCH 2013


Allotments are changing very much now and Elson is no exception. It is sad to see the old DIY sheds disappearing, which gave character to allotment sites and replaced with brand new. Elson is no exception with tenants increasingly more aware of the problems of the wild life they are turning to fencing in their plots and using far more netting in an attempt to overcome having their crops damaged and destroyed.




One of the few old sheds left at Elson about to be demolished to make way for the new.


January 2016


We are now seeing increasing numbers of greenhouses being erected, more hard surface paving and wire netting. The planting of more fruit trees is also on the increase.


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