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Plastic cloches warming the soil prior to planting and the new herb garden.






Home-made frame easily accessed with 2 panels at the front held in place with hook and eye fittings for planting.





Plots 23, 22 and 34 at the end of April.



The veg plot at the end of May.


                                            Asparagus in the fore-front                                              Sweet corn – Mini pop.                                                        Onions and Parsnips.               


                                             Peas – Hurst Green Shaft.                                                          Broad Beans.                                                                                   Tomatoes.





First early vegetables and strawberries harvested 9th June.




                                     Pak Choi  ‘Red’                                               Beetroot ‘Bolthardy’                                          Lettuce ‘ Little Gem’                                      Broad Beans ‘ Robin ‘Hood’



Strawberry   ‘Marshmarvel’