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News from the Chair

As Spring has finally sprung, it is also that time of year for the Association to renew itself by holding the Annual General Meeting. You will see elsewhere in this Newsletter more details from the Secretary about what business we need to conduct at the AGM - we hope to see you at HEDCA on 20 April at 7.30pm.
Don't forget the main Summer Show in Aug and following a successful first event, the Pumpkins and Produce Show will be held in Oct so there is time to get the giant pumpkin seed sown.
As always I hope you will find time to join in these activities and help to keep gardening growing in Gosport..
Jim gahaga.chairman@ntlworld.com
Membership Renewal
A reminder to those who have not yet renewed their Membership for 2010 that you must do so to continue to access the Stores and the stuff that comes with membership. Please also remember that you can receive the newsletter by e-mail by contacting gahaga.newsletter@ntlworld.com . Your e-mail address will not be given to anyone else.
Please remember the bonfire season ended on 31 Mar 09.

News from Bill the Supply Guy
Many thanks to those who turned out as potato lifters and shifters and who turned out on more than one occasion to sort out the potatoes as they were delivered. There are a few spares left in the stores for those with some ground to spare!
Following the continued withdrawal of popular bug repellants we have be able to source some products containing Pyrethrum Dust, such as a PY Powder and PY Insect Killer - available in stores now.
The Thompson & Morgan Seed order scheme continues to offer good value and is proving popular. Please also note that payment must be made to the Association in the first instance. Orders are currently being sent to T&M monthly, generally in the first week of the month.
All stores have still got plenty of onion sets, shallots and garlic in stock for planting now.
For those who prefer to garden and grow organically, then you may wish to know we have taken delivery of one of the most successful organic fertilisers - Groworganic, the 100% concentrated, oven-heated fertiliser. It is clean, dry and safe to use, as well as easy to handle (but it is a bit smelly when the bag is open). Available in stores at £6 per bag.
We also have a range of other organic feeds and fertilizers such as Blood, Fish and Bone or Maxicrop Original (Seaweed based liquid) or Vitax Supagro. You can also check out the range of other environmentally friendly products in most stores.

The formal bits from Sandra the Secretary
AGM at 19.30 on April 20th 2010 at HEDCA
* For the election of members to the Committee.
* For receiving and approving accounts.
* For approval of any changes to the Constitution and Rules.
1. Two proposals have been submitted by the Committee :
a. To ratify the decision to make Storepersons full members of the committee. *(This means that storepersons must elected/or ratified every year and others can volunteer or be properly nominated for the position).
b. To ratify the decision to use bank Debit Cards in lieu of cheques and revise the authority to the Treasurer and Supply Officer for payment of bills and expenses.
2. If you have any other items that you would like to add to the Agenda please ensure they reach the Secretary by 13th April. The Agenda for the AGM and copies of minutes from 2009 AGM are available at allotment stores and from the Secretary.
3. The existing Committee has indicated they are willing to carry-on in post but others may stand for election if they wish. Please note if you intend to stand for election you must return a completed nomination form in good time before the meeting. Nomination forms are available at the Stores and from committee members.
Those standing for election should be present at the meeting unless extenuating circumstances prevent this and in which case you must discuss with the Secretary before the AGM. The Proposer and Seconder must be paid up members and at least one of them should be present at the meeting.

Please return completed forms to Stores-Persons or current Committee members. Alternatively they can be posted to: - The Secretary, GAH&GA, 57, Amberley Rd, Gosport, PO12 4EN
The Committee comprises:
¢ Chairperson: - Heads the Committee and has casting vote.
¢ Vice-Chairperson:- Deputises for Chairperson
¢ Treasurer:-responsible for day to day management of all money matters e.g. paying bills, expenses, receiving banking receipts from stores persons and book-keeping. Providing monthly report and totals at committee meetings. Preparation and submission of annual accounts for audit and presentation at AGM.
¢ Registrar: - Records subscription payments, obtains membership cards in October for distribution for following year. Maintains list of members, used for correspondence and for delivery of newsletters. (Currently combined with Treasurer)
¢ Secretary: - Prepares agenda for and attends monthly meetings, takes and prepares minutes and supplies committee members with a copy for the next meeting.
¢ Public relations officer: - Arranges speakers for twice yearly talks, provides posters, flyers and other display material etc. Liaises with Borough council for posters on their display boards. Collates and arranges printing and passes the newsletter to the registrar for distribution. VACANT
¢ Social/Events Secretary:-Responsible for raffles and fundraising. Helps to organise events Arranges day trips which we hope to have more of in the future. VACANT
¢ Supply Officer:-buys, receives, prices and supplies stock to be sold in stores. Compiles and sends orders for seeds, seed potatoes etc. Attends Brockhurst store once a week to supply stores-persons with stock. To organise stock take in January and collate figures for the treasurer to present at audit.
¢ Show Coordinator-Arranges shows, organises stalls at local events
¢ Storepersons - men (and women) who work in the Allotment Stores.


Tenancy Agreement (GBC)
This document is proving very elusive - it was supposed to be sent out by the end of Mar but that appears unlikely now. While the Tenancy Agreement remains an agreement between you (the plotholder) and the Council (as Landlord) you may wish to be aware that we have advised the Council that, following legal advice from the National Society, the following are not deemed to be in accordance with the various Allotment Acts:
1. The offer of a 'new' Tenancy Agreement effectively brings any previous agreement to an end. This is, at Law, a termination. It follows that the municipal authority is obliged to give 12 months notice of its intended changes to the tenancy agreement.
2. If there is a clause which mentions the growing of crops taking more than one year to mature then it is unenforceable as in conflict with provisions of section 22 subsection (1) Allotments Act 1922 - " . . . the cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops . . . ". This clause as it reads would purport to prohibit the growing of many fruit crops, not to mention sparrowgrass.
3. If there is a clause which prohibits the keep of hens and rabbits then it is unenforceable as in conflict with section 12 Allotments Act 1950. (We have a leaflet from NSALG on Hens and Rabbits, which explains this premiss.)
There is no guarantee that the above items will be in the Tenancy Agreement, whenever it is produced.
Bean Poles and Pea Sticks
Were popular last year and have been restocked this year at last year's prices:
Bean Poles (Hazel, 8' by 1.5", bundles of 11 £5) and Pea Sticks (bundles of 10 £3.50).
As the poles and sticks need a bit storage space they are only available from the Brockhurst Store - while stock lasts.


A Rectory Plotholder tells the story:
At the Rectory Site we are not owned or run by Gosport Borough Council as our ground comes under the Diocese of Portsmouth and is run by this Allotment Association. For those of you who do not know where we are, we are bounded by Little Anglesey Rd (the road almost opposite St.Mary's Church, Alverstoke, that often floods at high tide). For years the bank between us and the road has been an eyesore as the Dutch Elm Disease had killed the trees, and the only way to keep out the vandals was to build-up inside the site with rubbish. Now, however, a group of dedicated allotment holders have become "The Hedging Gang". They have cleared the debris, cut down the dead trees (but left the stumps to re-sucker), fenced and landscaped it and are now planting a selection of native shrubs etc. that should thrive in this area and supply blossom, berries for the birds, cover for wildlife and plenty of thorns to deter the vandals! Self-help in putting in the ideas, hours of hard work and plenty of volunteers. Add to this a generous grant from two county councillors and a lot of donations from allotment holders and local residents, tons of enthusiasm and the involvement of a local school. Yes, it will take time to become the landscaped area we all envisage but without it the area would have got worse and most likely become a danger to plotholders and public. Now the local environment will be a lot better, all thanks to a few peoples' vision of the future.


There are a few seats left on the Coach trip to Kew so if you wish to go then please phone Jim on 023 92368317
Unfortunately Kew does not offer a free entry for affiliation to the RHS but there is a group discount and concessions for over 60's, disabled and full time students. The cost of this coach trip is:
Gardens - Concession - £21.00
Gardens - Standard - £23.00
This is for the Kew Gardens only, a separate ticket is required for Kew Palace as follows, but this will depend if there are more than 10 people who wish to include the Palace in their visit:
Palace - Concession - add £2.00
Palace - Standard - add £2.50
Date: Saturday 26 June 2010
Depart Gosport 0800 picking up at Brockhurst Roundabout then stopping at Crossways, Foster Gardens and Fleetlands. Depart Kew around 4.30pm.
Full Members (ie named on the front of the year Membership Card may bring one guest at the same price.
If you wish to learn more about Kew Gardens then visit: www.kew.org


At Brockhurst Allotment Store, Military Road on
Sunday 9 May 2010 Between 1000 - 1200
(store hours changed for this day)
This is becoming a popular event and a good fundraiser so all your surplus seedlings, plants and cuttings will be most welcome to sell on. The store will be open on Sat 1000 - 1200 to receive any plant donations or see your friendly store man who will be pleased to take them off your hands.
14 Aug 2010
St Mary's Parish Centre, Alverstoke
Show Catalogues are now available
This year we aim to provide you with some other interests, including:
Beekeepers with their mini-hive so you can learn about the importance of bees to growing (and perhaps acquire some local honey).
A chicken-keeper (is that a real name?) with his travelling chickens so you can learn how to keep chickens at home or on the plot.
A coppicer demonstrating the use of naturally harvested wood products
The Borough composting team with the best tips on how to generate your own quality compost.

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