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Please note that the water will be turned off at the end of October for the Winter until March.

Bonfires are now allowed between certain times. See your site notice board for details.


A reminder it is now time to renew your membership to G.A.H. & G.A. This can be done at any of the site stores. We would welcome any new members too.

At the time of writing there are plots available on most sites. Please telephone Gosport Council, 023 92545729 for further information.


A reminder that on the 18th of March the G.A.H. & G. Assoc. has arranged an evening with Mr Trim from the National Vegetable Society, at H.E.D.C.A. Coombe Road, Elson, Gosport at 7.30 pm. Mr. Trim advises on fruit and vegetable growing and is a NVS show judges. This should be a very interesting evening and everyone with an interest in vegetable growing is welcome. Admission is free to members and £l. to non- embers. Light refreshments included.


The Gosport Borough Council 'Coastline' has included in this month’s edition an article 'Growing for Health' by the G.A.H. & G. Assoc. If you have missed it and would like a copy please email growingforhealth@saundersallotment.co.uk


Our evening on the 18th with Mr Trim from the N.V.S. was very enjoyable with about 100 attending. Our sincere thanks to all who helped to make our first social evening such a success; it has given us plenty of thoughts for future events.


A reminder the G.A.H. & G. A. will be holding its annual A.G.M. on Tuesday 15th April at 7.30 pm at H.E.D.C.A. Coombe Road, Gosport. Members and non-members are welcome. Do come along and air your views.

The work relaying and levelling of our main paths at Elson are now nearly completed. This has made a great improvement to our site making it much easier for plot holders to drive to their plots to load and unload etc.


The sale of 10 plots at the Camden site has now been completed by Gosport Borough Council and work has started on the new Doctors Surgery.

The G.A.H. & G.A. held their usual stall at the Alverstoke Michaelmas Fayre on Saturday 27th and raised just over £200 from the sale of produce donated by plot holders grown on their allotments. A very successful and enjoyable day was had by all.


An Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting was held by the Borough Council on Monday 13th October when it was agreed that a working party of 3 councillors will be set up to look into the whole aspect of allotments within the Borough of Gosport. It was agreed that the Councillors report back to the Committee within 6 months.


On the use of 'wood chippings saga', we have now received further favourable reports from RHS, Wisley and also the Arboricultural Association. These will be passed to the Borough Council and we hope this matter will soon be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.



A reminder it is now time to renew your membership to the GAH&G Assoc. This can be done at any of the site stores for £2.50. New members are very welcome at just £3.00 for the first year.


By now all plot holders will have received a letter from The Gosport Borough Council outlining their plans to hold a public meeting on 18th February (venue to be arranged) with regard to 'Borough -Wide Review of Allotments'. It is very important that as many plot holders as possible attend this meeting to ensure that our views are made known. This will have an important bearing on the future of our allotments in Gosport. Please ensure all forms are returned as soon as possible.



The public meeting with regard to 'Borough - Wide Review of Allotments will be held at Gosport Town Hall at 6.30 pm. on the 18th February.


Over a 100 plot holders attended the meeting with some 40 or so having to be turned away because the Council Chamber was limited to the number it can hold and it would have contravened the Health and Safety Regulations. However, a lively debate was held with many points raised. The councillors now have until June to prepare their report and make their recommendations to the Council.


A summary of the salient points and concerns raised at the public meeting on 18th February, has been issued by the Borough Council and can be read by clicking here.


The G.A.H. & G.A. AGM was held on the 13th. Approx 20 members and the committee attended. Changes to the committee were nominated and accepted. Mr David Gatrell is now President, Mr Steve Broughton is Chair Person and Mr Jim More is Vice-chair Person. Other posts remain the same.

It was agreed to increase the membership subscription to £3.00 per person as from January 2005.


Due to the local elections held earlier this month we are still waiting for the Councils report on the public meeting held in February. Councillors Train and Clinton held their seats but Councillor Russell did not. We have been assured this will not effect the outcome of the report. A copy will be passed to the G.A. & D.A. as soon as it becomes available.


'Alive and Kicking' will again be held this year on July 24th at Walpole Park and the G.A.&G.A. will be holding their usual stall. No selling is allowed at this event, it will be promotional only.


The results of the Gosport Allotments Working Group Scrutiny Committee are now available and can be read by clicking the link below.



Despite a damp and windy day the G.A.& G.A. held their usual stall at the Michaelmas Fayre in Walpole Park on the 18th September. The sum of approx. £260 was raised from the sale of produce and plants donated by plotholders.



On the surface it might seem that the report of the Allotment Working Group has faded into oblivion. In fact it was formally submitted to the Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 5th August 2004, and was generally well received by members with only slight changes.

Copies of this report were left at each of the allotment stores for you to see and read.
It now means that the next stage in the Gosport Council's process is to place the report before the Community and Environment Board.

This meeting, will be held on
1st November 2004 at 6.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.
It is vital that as many plot holders as possible attend this meeting.
Please support your Committee.


As reported in The News on Tuesday 2nd November 2004, Allotment-holders will have a say in a revamp of up to £200.000 for plots across Gosport.
The cash has come from the sale of part of Camden allotments in Whites Place to make way for the new Forton Medical Centre in Forton.
Now Gosport Borough Council wants to plough the funds back into fruit and vegetable plots to improve security and encourage more people to take up gardening.
Allotment owners will join a panel of councillors to decide how the money should be spent.
The cash could be used to tidy up the allotments as well as stepping up security to combat vandalism. The initiative follows a year-long review of allotments in the town after plot-holders complained the council wasn't proactive enough in promoting them and that a generation was being 'by-passed'.
There is currently 157 vacant plots of the 11 sites in the borough.


The year has started with the unwelcome news that 21 sheds on the Elson site have been broken into also the site stores at Brockhurst. Nothing of value was taken - just sheer vandalism. The police have been informed. Items were removed by the police in the hope of matching a DNA test.


12th of the month and a delivery of wood chippings arrived at Elson. This I understand was at the request of one of our plot holders to Gosport Borough Council. I hope that now this will be readily available to all plot holders in the future.


The G.A.H. & G.A. AGM was held on Tuesday 19th April. It was agreed that subscriptions would be raised to £4. per person from January 2006.


The first meeting of the Allotment Stakeholders Group was held on Thursday 21st April at 6.30pm.

The group comprised of 3 elected Members from Gosport Borough Council, 3 representatives from the G.A.H. & G.A, 1 representative from the Diocese Allotments and 2 representatives from Non-Association Plot Holders.

The object of the meeting was to elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Discuss the Objects and Terms of Reference and to agree on the frequency of meetings.

It was agreed that Security at all allotments sites is the first priority. Estimates will be obtained for new locks etc.

The next meeting will be held on May 26th at 6.00 pm at the Town Hall.


May 26th - Allotment Stakeholders Consultative Group met to discuss the Provision of Security at Gosport's allotment sites. The recommendations were

(a) the Community and Environment Board be requested to approve the provision of new, improved padlocks and keys together with security signage at all allotment sites owned by Gosport Borough Council at an estimated cost of £7,940; and

(b) the Rectory Allotment Site be included in this project subject to the resolution of any legal considerations, and that the Borough Solicitor be requested to investigate the legal implications of the inclusion of the Rectory Allotment Site.


June 13th - the Community and Environment Board met and it was agreed that the recommendations of May 26th be carried out. Full details can be read on the Gosport Borough Council's web site at www.gosport.gov.uk



October 6th - At the Community and Enviroment Board meeting a local Bee keeper was invited to attend to inform the committee on the advantages of keeping bees on an allotment. It was agreed to ask as many allotment holders as possible whether they objected or not and report back at the next meeting. Full details can be read on the council's web site as above.


A reminder that all seed orders should be returned to your store man by 21st October.



A reminder that subscriptions to the Gosport Allotment Holders & Gardeners Association are due for renewal on 1st January 2006 at the increased rate of £4.00 per person.


Some welcome news to start the New Year.

Vandals have many times damaged sheds and dug up plots at Camden Allotments. But now Gosport Borough Council is to spend £34,700.00 replacing the flimsy wooden perimeter fence with a 1.8m steel bow top railings.

New security locks are to be fitted to all sites. Work will commence in June.

Plotholders have been asked to let the Borough Council know of their views as to the provision of Bees on allotments.


The G.A.H. & G.A. held their AGM on 13th April and were pleased to elect and welcome new Vice-Chairman Mr Peter Almond. It was also agreed there should be a new 'family subscription' as from 2007.



A reminder that subscriptions are now due and can renewed at any of the site stores  £5.00 per member plus £1.00 for any additional family member.  New members are always welcome.

The G.A.H. & G. A. are to stage their first display stand at this year’s Southsea Show. If you are interested in helping with the supply of fruit and vegetables please contact your site store person for further information.


The distribution of new site security keys will commence from 29th January. See your rental renewal invoice for details.



Summer Show schedules are now available at your site stores.

The G.A.H. & G. A. Annual General Meeting will be held on April 10th at 8. pm at HEDCA, Coombe Road, Gosport.




Most of the allotment sites now have waiting lists. Anyone interested in taking on a plot should contact the Council for site details.


Bonfires are to be banned at all sites from 30th July. More skips will be provided to dispose of anything that is not compostable.

Work is to start at the beginning of June at the Elson site to install security fencing along the playing field side.




A new security fence has been erected along the playing field side of the Elson site.




Bonfires are now being allowed from 5.30pm till 10.00 pm until the end of January 2008.

There is now a long waiting list for plots at Elson.


There will be a plant and gardening sale at the Elson site stores at the end of April; final date to be arranged. Any surplus plants, gardening accessories you may have, please bring them along and we will sell them for you deducting just 10% as a donation towards the Associations funds.


The year has passed relatively quietly. Both the plant sale and the Annual Flower and Vegetable Show were a great success and the 2 gardening talks held in March and October continue to be very popular with a good turn-out of more than 50 at each evening. Two more will be arranged for 2009; details to be announced later.

A small amount of vandalism was reported with sheds being turned over at Elson and some vegetables being destroyed.

The badgers continue to be an unsolvable problem.

Seeds and gardening sundries can now be purchased from Thompson and Morgan at half price. The new 2009 catalogue and order forms are now available at your site stores.



For an update on the Gosport Borough Council Allotment Group Stakeholders Consultative Group see the Winter 2008 Newsletter

There are new times for bonfires now - see your allotment site gates for details.




The Summer Show in August was again very successful this year with an increased number of entries and visitors.

It was decided to hold a further show in October - The Pumpkin Fayre, with the inclusion of preserves and cakes. This was very well supported and the children’s entries of pumpkin carvings were delightful. Pumpkin soup was served and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves; An event which will be held again next year. Dates and times for both shows will be announced in the 2010 newsletters.



Badgers are continuing to be a problem at Elson and it was requested that the local badger representative would advise to see if anything could be done to alleviate the problems of crops being destroyed and latrine digging which are now becoming a health hazard. Unfortunately little help could be offered.


A reminder subscriptions are due from the 1st January 2010.



Both the 2 shows were very well supported again this year; seeing an increased number of exhibits to the summer show. Due probably to the very dry summer pumkins were in short supply this year but exhibits at the Pumpkin Fayre were made up with a variety of new classes including home-made wines. Show schedules will be available for the 2011 shows by the end of March.

The new Stores at Brockhurst have been completed and the new Stores hut for Elson should be installed early in 2011.

We now have a new Warden at Elson Mr Peter Almond who is very keen to help with any problems you may have. His telephone number will be displayed on the site notice board or he can be contacted on his plot no. 5A.


The usual reminder to continue to enjoy the benefits, subscriptions to the G.A.H.& G.A. are due by the 1st January 2011.


A new stores is to be built at Elson as soon as the old one has been dismantled. Steve should now be able to hold more stock without the risk of it being damage by the damp and vermin.

The G.A.H. & G. A. AGM will be held on April 19th at H.E.D.C.A at 7.30pm. Do come along and have your say, your views and opinions do count.

The new Store arrived at Elson in March - see below.




The G.A.H. & G. A. continues to thrive. The 2 annual gardening talks on a variety of subjects are very well attended; the Summer Show and the Pumkin Fayre in October last year are also now well established and the number of entries increase each year with an exceptional standard of produce being displayed. Anyone can enter these shows, please look out for forth coming information and dates later in the year. The annual coach trip to Poole in 2011 again was enjoyed by all and we look forward to this year’s trip to be announced soon.

Membership is still only £5.00 plus £1.00 for each additional family member which includes 4 newsletters and free entry to the talks so please come and join us; or remember to renew your membership as soon as possible at any of the sites stores to take advantage of the excellent range of gardening products, cheaper seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets etc.


Peter Almond the Warden at Elson and Vice-chairman to the G.A.H. & G.A. has decided to step down at the end of the year. He will also be giving up his plot.  Peter as worked tirelessly for us during his time as warden and we are sorry to see him go. We wish him well in all he does for the future.  Applications for the post of Vice-chairman will be available in next year’s AGM Newsletter; and applications for the post as warden should be made direct to Gosport Council.



A reminder that subscriptions are now due to continue to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Gosport Allotment Holders & Gardeners Association. New members are always very welcome; contact your site store person for details.

A reminder that if you forgot to place your seed order last Autumn with Kings orders can still be made at discount prices through Thompson & Morgan and Marshalls. Ask your store man for details.


The annual coach trip to Hampton Court Flower Show in 2012 was enjoyed by all even though we started the day in torrential rain the sun came out by the time we reached our destination. Details of this year’s trip will be in the announced in the next newsletter.


New arrivals in stock at the store. January, 2012


The new much improved store at Elson arrived in March 2011 and Steve, our store man now has it fully stocked all on display and priced. Anything you cannot find do please ask I am sure he can obtain it for you from the main stores at Brockhurst; Steve is on site most days willing to help with anything you might need.

Onion sets now available at 90p per pound and shallots at £1. per lb.

Broad Beans - Aquadulce Claudia also during January.


Seed potatoes. - If you were too late to place your order in October there will be a good selection still available at your stores in January/February.

A selection of soft fruit and fruit trees can be ordered through your local store man for Autumn/Winter planting; new list will be available at the end of the summer.

Autumn Onion sets will be available approx next November.



Good Value - White Fleece 18 gm 2 metres wide @ 70p per metre

also 2 metre wide netting @ 60p per metre. Ideal for keeping birds and butterflies off your crops.

Black ground cover fabric also available at competitive prices.


Please support your local stores.

Topical Tip:

Put a few knobs of charcoal in your water butt to keep the water fresh and clean. Tie in a piece of netting with a small weight to stop it from floating to the top.


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